I have arrived! My flights from Boston to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to Turin were happily uneventful. I arrive at the Torino Caselle airport three hours before the CIEE bus was scheduled to take us to Pollenzo. I sat down in the arrival lounge to wait and caught the eye of an attractive woman my […]

I’ve arrived early to Boston Logan Airport, where I am relaxing in the International Terminal Lounge. My flight to Turin (via Frankfurt) departs in two hours. I’ll post again when I’ve arrived.

Welcome to my blog! I am traveling to Italy as part of a group organized by the CIEE.  I will be participating in the IFDS Italy:  “Food from a ‘Glocal’ Perspective: Italy, the Mediterranean and the Globe”. The seminar is devoted to exploring the economic, political, social and cultural significance of food from a number […]